Decante This



100% Pinot Noir

Premier Cru- Single Vineyard- Cumières (Limited Production less than 500 bottles)

36 months on lees. It is still rare to see a 100% Pinot Noir Champagne little alone a single vineyard biodynamic one still today. Direct, punchy and deliberate, this is once again all about the quality of the fruit and the vineyard site. Bright citrus underpins the wine, lovely hints of yellow and white fruits which delivers a delicate yet structured drinking experience. A superb food wine especially for all white meats, seafood, shellfish , simple drinking elegance.



100% Chardonnay

Premier Cru- Single Vineyard- Cumières (Limited Production less than 500 bottles)

36 months on lees. Another stunning example of single vineyard biodynamic Champagne. If you are expecting a bold, creamy blanc de blanc forget it as this Champagne is all about a very present acidity and backbone. A much more direct and cleaner style than those traditionally made in Champagne, underpinned by stone fruits, lime , slight hints of brioche and vanilla. Another stunning food wine especially for seafood and shellfish inspired dishes, a true Champagne drinkers Champagne and perfect for someone who loves single variatel Champagnes.



33% Chardonnay, 33% Pinot Noir & 33% Meunier

Premier Cru- Hautvillers, Champillon & Cumières

36 months on less, A great back story as this is Champagne created reflecting the three favourite grapes & vineyards of the Yann, his father Jean Luc and grandfather Guy. A tue testimony to the heritage of the domaine. Developed in a much more classic style of Champagne, it delivers typically a bracing backbone & structure, the acidity & freshness are evident. Lovely softness & elegance, bright citrus structure, great mouth weight & drinkability. Destined to become a classic for the domaine, this is our perfect go to aperitif Champagne.



50% Chardonnay (Chene le Butte) & 50% Pinot Noir (Bois de Jots)

Premier Cru- Single Vineyard- Cumières (Limited Production less than 500 bottles)

36 months on lees. Created by careful equal blending of the Chardonnay from Chene le Butte and the Pinot Noir from Bois de Jots vineyards. Created in single amphoria (concrete egg tanks) you can sense the beauty of this Champagne. Tne intial nose is like hot river rocks in the summer as the river splashes across them, soft citrus, delicate stone fruits , subtle acidity this is all about simple elegance. It is one of the few Champagnes that we would suggest that you decant, closer to a still wine this is for the for someone who is looking for something so different in their Champagne drinking experience.



100% Meunier

Premier Cru – Cumières & Hautvilliers

36 months on lees. Meunier is the new darling of Champagne, fresh, bright, direct and vibrant. Underpinned by the crunch of green apples, soft white elderberry, swirls of tropical fruits and a bracing backbone and structure. This Champagne is all about the quality of the fruit as with the Extra Brut style there is no where to hide. A stunning food pairing wine especially with oysters, prawns and lobster, equally at home with creamy pasta dishes as well. This one of our personal favourites & certainly we could say the same for many of our clients.