Vadin-Plateau Champagne is a family run enterprise in the heart of the Great Valley of the Marne, in the village of Cumières, near Épernay, the capital of Champagne. Since 1785, a passion for wine and its cultivation has been transmitted from generation to generation and continues today to Yann, the ninth generation.

Each harvest, our winery creates champagne, a unique wine of this region. In fact, through our extensive knowledge and lively imagination, Vadin-Plateau Champagne is able to offer lovers of its wines two lines: Traditional and Exceptional. These wines come from harvests that are each born from a vinification that is specifically adapted to the characteristics of the terroir of this region…


In 1765, Joseph Plateau was born in the village of Cumières, and became the first generation to acquire vineyards. Despite the hard work due to fragmented plots, Joseph threw himself into the wine business and founded “Maison Plateau”. Thus the history of the Maison Vadin-Plateau vineyards began.

Eight other generations followed this first one, each generation bringing with it symbolic changes to the company: Rémy Plateau, sixth generation, was the creator of the first brand, “Champagne Rémy Plateau”; his daughter, Yvette Plateau married Guy Vadin, who, in 1958, renamed the brand “Champagne Vadin-Plateau” and gained its current status of Grower-Producer by installing a press.

Today, 300 years later, the brand continues under the aegis of Yann, who has been brilliantly practicing his wine making techniques by combining tradition with modernity, and thereby ensuring the sustainability of an expertise that is as authentic as it is innovative.

In the photo: On the left, Alphonse Perrin, influential figure in Maison Vadin-Plateau. Father of Huguette Perrin, who married Rémy Plateau, he was one of the founders of the Syndicat Général des Vignerons (General Wine Society). He contributed to the independence of the wine makers of Champagne and in particular the development of the Champagne Rémy Plateau brand.


The vineyards of Champagne Vadin-Plateau were formed over the generations, and have now reached seven hectares over seven villages, all chosen by the family of the wine makers for their characteristics: Aÿ, Pourcy, Hautvillers, Cumières, Damery, Venteuil, Château-Thierry.

Exclusively on southern and southeastern slopes, the vineyard is composed of 44% Pinot Meunier, 39% Pinot Noir and 17% Chardonnay. Each tract was acquired based on its ability to carry the variety that the company wanted to use. Thus, Champagne Vadin-Plateau is endowed with a range of flavors from terroir that have been classified for some Premier and Grand Crus.

Through thorough involvement and creativity, each wine maker in the family has respected the style of Maison Vadin-Plateau and, in his own way, brought out the character of the terroir used in each new harvest.

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